4 Home Remedies For Dog Pain

It’s fairly common for golden retrievers to experience some pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, golden retrievers can’t talk, but we can still observe the signs and symptoms if they are in pain. If your dog is limping or reluctant to move, it can be a direct sign of pain. Some golden retriever puppies display behavioural problems like increased aggressiveness when in pain.

There are many different causes of pain and arthritis is the most common one. Arthritis causes the loss of the protective cartilage and, combined with joint wear and tear, your dog may suffer from inflammation and chronic pain. Golden retrievers may also have vertebrae fusing (spondylosis), pinched nerves or compressed disc. On golden retriever puppies, inflamed skin and chronic allergies may cause discomfort and pain. It’s important to visit the vet to treat the real health problems.

Dog owners could contribute by trying these home remedies to alleviate the pain and make the healing process smoother:

Valerian- valerian works effectively for both humans and golden retrievers for managing sudden pain. This herb is effective for treating muscle spasms caused vertebrae problems, like a compressed disc. Give your dog 0.1ml per 10lbs of body weight of valerian tincture orally twice a day. Make a tincture by putting one part of dried valerian root and two parts of 100 proof vodka. Let it steep for one month and shake occasionally. When it’s ready, use cheesecloth to strain the mixture.

Comfrey- for internal treatments, mix ½ teaspoon of dried comfrey leaves for each .5 kg of dog food. Avoid overdosing on comfrey herbs because it could cause liver issues. The level of pyrrolizidine alkaloids is 10 times higher on comfrey roots, so make sure to use only dried leaves.

Boswellia- Boswellia resin is useful for treating inflammation on dogs. Each day give your dog 5mg of powdered Boswellia resin per .5 kg of body weight and you can mix it with the food. Possible side effects are mild flatulence and diarrhea.

Licorice- glycyrrhizin is the active substance of licorice and it’s effective for managing arthritis-related pain. Boil one teaspoon of licorice root with some water. Add the licorice tea to the water bowl. Give licorice to your dog only for two weeks and consult a holistic vet if you want to use it longer. Licorice isn’t recommended for diabetic or pregnant golden retrievers.

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