5 Air Duct Cleaning Myths Every Homeowner Should Know

The HVAC system is an essential innovation that can make any home more comfortable. While it may last up to 15 to 25 years, the key to maximizing its lifespan is to conduct regular air duct cleaning Fairfax VA. In this article, we’re clarifying the five most common myths associated with air ducts and cleaning these tricky components.

Air ducts don’t get that dirty. Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate inside air ducts. The build-up includes various minute particles hat come from household members and their activities — from dead skin and hair, fabric fibers, and cosmetic powders to minerals and pollens. On top of these, pests and their droppings can also be present in ducts. If you’ve heard from someone that air duct cleaning Fairfax VA isn’t necessary, it’s time to get rid of that belief and start getting in touch with a professional HVAC cleaning business.

Air ducts don’t house mold unless you use humidifiers. Many homeowners rely on humidifiers to add moisture to their indoor air, prevent skin irritation-triggering dryness, and help ease colds or flu symptoms. With the added moisture, condensation can accumulate within ducts and eventually cause mold growth. However, with or without humidifiers, the very nature of air ducts — there being dark, damp, and cold — is enough to let these unwanted organisms thrive. Cleaning them is necessary to prevent mold spores from circulating within your home.

Air ducts don’t leave an impact on one’s health. Clean air ducts help facilitate proper airflow within your home. On the other hand, Dirty ones can contaminate the very air that you and your loved ones breathe. Did you know that a single gram of dust already contains as many as 500 dust mites? These mites can trigger allergic reactions and other respiratory conditions such as asthma. Air duct cleaning Fairfax VA isn’t just about removing dust and dirt. It’s also about making your residential space a healthier environment to live in.

Air ducts need to be cleaned using harsh chemicals. You might have read somewhere that cleaning air ducts entail using chemicals that are hazardous for your health. This is one of the biggest myths out there. In reality, air duct cleaning professionals use unique solutions and advanced equipment that won’t compromise your and your family’s well-being. This is part of the industry’s commitment to helping create healthier communities, one home at a time.

Air ducts can be thoroughly cleaned by homeowners on their own. Cleaning your air ducts can be done DIY style with the help of tutorial videos online. However, the result may not even pass industry standards. If you don’t want to waste time, energy, and money doing this task on your own and getting unsatisfactory results, you’d be better off enlisting professional help. HVAC cleaning experts don’t just simply clean — they assess and inspect your ducts first. And when it’s time to clean, you can guarantee that they can reach the innermost areas and completely get rid of dust, dirt, and other debris.

When it comes to air duct cleaning Fairfax VA, leave it to the experts. Contact our team at JCS Home Services today and let us help you achieve healthier air quality at home.

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