About IDND

Our Mission














IDND aims to create a local, diverse, and sustainable “Think-Tank” of health care providers, clinical researchers, and community advocates dedicated to enhancing
the quality of life and care of individuals with dementia.

Our goal is to become the international authority in unifying clinical care and clinical research in dementia; thus, decreasing the global burden of dementia for future generations. We aim to accomplish by:

  • Conducting dementia implementation research activities that meet the local research, clinical, and community needs.
  • Promoting a culture of discovery, cooperation, and team work among our diverse members.
  • Disseminating knowledge and innovation in dementia care.


Our Values













Above all else, IDND values excellence, cooperation, creativity, and integrity in dementia care. The network’s members value the role of clinical research as a tool to enhance the quality of life for individuals suffering from dementia. They strive to create an environment that facilitates information exchange among diverse, autonomous, and collaborative individuals.