Can You Breastfeed If You Have Tattoos?

There are no restrictions on breastfeeding with tattoos. The positioning of tattoos does not increase any risks when nursing, even if they’re on your bust. The tattoo ink is not likely to enter into your milk supply and also the ink is secured under the very first layer of your skin, so the infant cannot contact it.

Can You Obtain a Tattoo While Nursing?

Safety and security. There are mixed opinions on whether it’s suggested to get a tattoo while breastfeeding. No state or medical company restricts obtaining a tattoo if you’re currently breastfeeding. In addition, no study exists that offers negative proof of breastfeeding as well as obtaining tattoos. Women’s Wellness advises against obtaining a tattoo if you’re expecting or breastfeeding.

Tattoo shops might not permit you to obtain a tattoo if you’re breastfeeding. They might be worried regarding the possibility of dangers, in spite of the absence of proof. They might additionally be worried about liability. If you do get a tattoo while breastfeeding, you might have to sign a waiver.

If you choose to get tattooed when you’re breastfeeding, inform the tattoo artist that you’re breastfeeding, as well as use the very same safety measures as anybody else when looking for a brand-new tattoo.


The tattooing procedure carries risks. Throughout the process, your skin is repeatedly poked with a small needle coated with ink. The ink is transferred in the 2nd layer of your skin. Inks used for tattooing are not approved or controlled by the U.S. Fda for this use. Inks can have a range of materials consisting of heavy metals as well as chemicals found in printer toner and paint. 

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