Getting set for operation for a FUE hair transplant

No two surgical hair restoration procedures are ever the same. Based on your particular needs, interests, and preferred clinic, yours will be precisely mapped out. However in the run-up to all FUE hair transplants, there are a few key steps that are involved. Below, we have outlined these measures so that you can gather an idea of what is involved in the procedure planning.

  1. Original Inquiry

First of all, they’d like to get to know you! They ask that you give us a few pictures of your head, from the top, front, left, right, and back, to ensure that you are fit for the treatment. Depending about how many hair grafts you may like, one of the Patient Managers will then be in touch to speak to you about an initial evaluation. Some regular questions about your general health will also be answered by your Patient Manager, including:

-If you have any current medical problems, please.

-If you routinely take some drug.

-If hair loss is something that occurs in the family.

This will help your preferred doctor to consider the underlying causes behind your hair loss, so that the procedure is done in the best way possible. This evaluation will also give them an initial indication of your FUE hair transplant’s potential cost. For more comprehensive cost details, check out their cost guide for hair transplants. For example, the images necessary for an initial FUE hair transplant evaluation will be shown.

  1. Planning Your Doctor Visit

They will start to arrange a date for your surgery once you have got to know your Patient Manager and you have agreed that you are ready to go ahead with your treatment. To ensure that your appointment is scheduled at a time and date that fits best for you, they will work closely with you on this. It’s recommend that you travel at least one day prior to the surgery if you wish to get your FUE hair transplant abroad. This will allow you time before your treatment to rest and relax.

  1. Your doctor’s on-site appointment

During your hair restoration procedure, you and your doctor will chat together. This is a chance to explore what coverage you expect can be accomplished by the surgery. Based on the quality and amount of hair in your donor area, your doctor will make a decision on this. Your doctor will mark out what will be the beginning of your new hairline after you’ve both talked about this.

  1. A few initial verifications and tests

At the clinic, some regular tests and examinations, such as general blood tests, will be carried out by your treatment team to ensure that you are in good health and ready to start the operation.

  1. Surgery Planning

You are ready and ready to begin your FUE hair transplant now. Your medical team will send you a local anesthetic that will numb your brain for the duration of the operation.

If you’re made the decision to go through it, click here to book your appointment at the finest FUE clinic in the UK.

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