Headache Locations: What Exactly Tells You About

Sometimes it happens when you your head hurt’s but it’s not a way to diagnose the cause. Location of the headache is the easy way to diagnose the cause. Figuring out the root cause of the headache is its location. There are different types of headaches that people can experience according to the location.

Location of headache helps you in narrowing down a plan for how to treat or deal with the headaches. Sometimes over-the-counter medicines help in it but not every time. People always have such medicines with them as nowadays it becomes very easy to have the medicines from the local stores or from online stores. CanadaPharmacy.com is the medicinal hub that provides you the best quality medicines and at low cost, this is the online pharmacy that people can trust.

Coming on the types of headaches by their location:

What people experience are migraines, tension headache, and cluster headaches. You know the fact that men are five times more likely to have headaches than women.

  • Back Of Your Head Or Neck- In this location when people have a headache then the main cause of it is tension or migraine. But if we talk about the other possible cause then it can be arthritis in the upper spine or the occipital neuralgia.
  • Top of the Head- The root cause of it is tension, people experience it when they are going through some kind of stress. But other possible cause can be occipital neuralgia, severe hypertension, migraine or hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Forehead Cheeks behind Both Eyes- This location indicates the headache type where the person experiences it because of tension and migraine. But if we go for the other possible cause then it can be a sinus infection or the cluster headache.
  • Behind One Eye- the Root cause of this headache is cluster headache and other possible causes can be an eye infection, occipital neuralgia, migraine or aneurysm.
  • Temples- Tension headache is the root cause but other causes can be migraine, cluster headache, temporal arthritis or the temporomandibular joint disorder.
  • Behind One Ear- It is common in children and the root cause is an ear infection. But other possible cause can be occipital neuralgia, sinus infection, and dental problems.
  • One Side of the Head- When it comes to the one side headache then the root cause is migraine or the cluster headaches. Other causes can be hemicranias continua and Aneurysm.
  • All Over- When people experience the headache all over and not sure about the location then it is due to tension. Sinus infection and migraine can also be other possible causes.

When your head is probably tender to touch then it is tension headache and there are various things that can set off like stress, caffeine withdrawal, and hangover, brain freeze, exercising hard, eyestrain, allergies or lack of sleep. Medications and proper treatment are needed when you experience such headaches. Never get too late and consult the doctor for the diagnosis of the root cause and dealing with that.

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