Important Questions to Ask your Urologist about your Sexual Health 

Do you have sexual problems hampering your life? You should consider seeking professional assistance from the best urologist brooklyn new york. The urologist would be able to handle your sexual problems appropriately. Therefore, when scheduling an appointment with the urologist near you, it would be in your best interest to consider asking several questions about your sexual health. You should not shy from asking questions about your sexual health. It would be pertinent to mention here that contrary to popular belief, there are no stupid, trivial, or gross questions. 

Find below a list of few essential questions to ask a urologist. 

What is the cause of your symptoms? 

Do you have an intuition of what is causing your symptoms? You should consider discussing it with your urologist. He would be able to help you with your suspicions. If you were given a common cause of your symptoms, ensure to follow-up on other reasons for causing the symptoms. 

What has the urologist diagnosed specifically? 

Inquire about the specific diagnosis from the urologist along with their next step. Do they offer you a choice for further tests or treatments? Inquire about why you need the treatment or tests. Ask about various alternative options to cure your problem. 

Do you need screening for prostate cancer? 

Early screening for men aged 50 to 75 years would be highly recommended. It would be pertinent to men having a family history of prostate cancer. It would help you stay safe from any specific condition resulting in prostate cancer. 

Why you have a reduced sexual drive? 

The morning test of your testosterone levels, conducted by the doctor in the morning, would determine the reason for your reduced sexual drive. If the test results were normal, the urologist would not recommend you taking additional doses of testosterone. ED before the age of 50 years could be a result of vascular problems, past trauma, hypertension, or diabetes. 

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