Show Your Support To IDF Soliders For The Betterment Of Israel 

Our soldiers battle on the borders for the safety of Jews in the country, just as Meir Panim fights day and night to safeguard Israeli residents from hunger and poverty. Our soldiers’ safety is a guarantee of a secure future. Every soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces believes in Israel’s sovereignty and independence, as well as a more united globe.

We wish to support IDF soldiers like you at Meir Panim. We gather cash to help soldiers who are stationed in Israel without the protection and care of their families. Outside of Israel, these soldiers are young Jewish men and women who volunteer to patrol Israel’s border because their hearts beat for Israel and they feel a sense of commitment to the country.

Our Combined Efforts Can Support IDF Soldiers

According to statistics, over 7,000 troops serve in the IDF without families, with nearly half of them not being Israeli citizens. Soldiers who had an abusive childhood, were orphans, or came from families who abandoned them when they opted to join the army make up a small percentage of the army.

When the rest of the world is celebrating festivals or Shabbat, these troops are left alone and forgotten. These soldiers make tremendous sacrifices in order to serve our country. We at Meir Panim make every effort to support  IDF soldiers. 

Meir Panim Projects to Support IDF Soldiers

Every lone soldier in need receives a hot Shabbat lunch. We provide food packages, including essentials, to troops’ families who are experiencing food poverty. On days of festivals and holidays, we serve hot, delicious meals to immigrant lone troops so they don’t feel forgotten. Today is the day to show your support for the Israel Defense Forces!

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