Some cool facts about online gambling you did not know

We are all amazed by the fact of how fast the online gambling world is becoming vast over time. It is gaining popularity at an incredible pace. More and players from all over the world are going crazy about online gambling, especially in Big 7 countries. But despite such success and popularity, there are still some, doubts, wrong ideas and some stereotypical approach towards this topic. Besides, there are still many other unknown facts about online gambling which are quite interesting.

Here is a collection of some facts about online gambling which you didn’t know before:

The first license of a legal casino was issued to a woman:

The ratio of male gamblers to the female gamblers clearly shows that the graph of male gambler goes much higher than the graph of the female gamblers. The fact that you would certainly be surprised to know that very first license of a casino was issued to a woman whose name was

Mayme Stocker in Las Vegas in the year 1920.

Gambling is prohibited for the citizens of Monaco in Monte Carlo:

According to the law of Monte Carlo, the citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble there, even though Monte Carlo is known for quite a many infamous casinos out there in the country.

Blackjack has legalized card counting:

Is it not an interesting fact that in blackjack, card counting is legal? Though the casinos are trying their best to stop this trend, it is legal in blackjack.

The number of players playing online is insanely higher than those playing offline:

According to a recent report, the number of gamblers playing online is insanely higher than those who are paying it offline. The percentage of online gamblers is almost 90% while the rest 10% are offline players. The possible reasons behind this have been reported to be the flexibility Judi online provides to the players.

Casinos also offer to play lotteries:

Other than having a huge choice of the classical form of Judi online, some casinos also offer lotteries. You might be surprised to know that lotteries are also considered a type of gambling. Lotteries are the most common and most popular type of gambling, played all over the world. Almost all people from every part of the world play some or the other type of lotteries.

Some casinos also offer free play:

There are people out there who are not interested in the money part but are just interested in the gaming process. For these kinds of players, there are some casinos out there who offer free play or demo pay which include virtual money. These can also be used for trial purposes by the beginners or amateurs for practicing gambling. In this, there will be no risk to lose money. They can eventually learn to play first without the fear of losing. Once they learn, they can start playing for real money.


So these were some of the cool facts about online gambling which you might not know. The term gambling is certainly known to everyone out there, but still many facts related to this topic is unknown to some folks out there.

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