All TheNecessary Details For Your Next RV Tour; Dwayne Craddock

I you are from the USA or Canada, you may find that, there are many people who loves travelling in an RV and there are a few, who wants to but have known idea about the basics of an RV or how to hire one out. Dwayne Craddock, who is a lover of long rides in an RV, has a few tips for you and you can find the details about two of his favourite rides in this article…

Class C Motorhome:

A class C motorhome is built on truck chassis. An attached cab and upper bunker is a basic feature of a class C motorhome. It offers many amenities of a larger van and  more powerful than a smaller RV. These are generally from 23 to 32ft in length.

If has multiple side outs to create more space, larger variety of floor plans for larger chassis option. A typical class C is equipped with a stove, refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, storage tank for water and waste. In the bathroom it has shower, sink and other components for keeping stuffs. It has several sleeping space with many cupboards and components. The television is mounted behind the cockpit area over the driver’s or passenger’s head.

These RVs are comfortable to drive as they are designed like that. The small ones you can park at your property but the bigger ones cannot be parked inside your property. Even the RVs are not allowed in some campuses. It is good for road trip for but only two to three people.

  • Base rate: $189/night
  • Sleeps: 11
  • RV length: 32ft
  • RV class: class C
  • Engine: Ford e450
  • Fuel consumption: 8MPG

Class C Motorhome:

When it comes to motorhomes class C RVs are a win. It’s neither too big, nor too small. Hence it’s perfect for those who don’t like the bus-like vehicle but also wants to enjoy a road trip with family or couples. The length being 24’ to 30’, it can take 5-9 people depending on the model.

Along with bedding area it has a jack knife is which can turned into a bed for added sleeping capacity and or just to spend a leisurely Sunday. If you’re a die-hard tailgater, the walk able roof and exterior TV would be great for you. If the family traveling in this RV has kids, there are extra bedding spaces for them. The kitchen cabinet is small but equipped with stainless steel appliances, stove burner, refrigerator, and heater. The power backup camera, 59 gallons of fresh water tank is really appreciable. The bathroom has shower, toilet and small cabinet for storage. 2” side walls with AzdelSuperlite that can be customised with your choice of available graphics-standard graphics, caramel coloured fibreglass and full painted body. Inside the RV it’s furnished with rich amenities like upgraded flooring and furniture.

These class C RVs are good for divvy. It has AC, radio, television and other entertainment amenities to fulfil a road trip with family.

  • Base rate: 139/night
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Pet friendly: yes
  • RV class: class C
  • RV length: 28ft
  • Engine: V10 Triton
  • Fuel capacity: 55 gallons
  • Fuel consumption: 12 MPG

You may also look out for other RVs according to your convenience and live up to your dream of travelling in style.

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