Cannabis light shop, how do I open a legal store?

The interested party needs to apply for permits from the municipality, rent premises that comply with regulations, and, of course, purchase the products to be sold from a supplier. Then, from a tax perspective, open a location based on the Ateco code.

More and more countries are opting for the legalization of cannabis and not only to relieve the pain of diseases through its medical use. But also for recreational use. This phenomenon has given the cannabis industry the momentum to open a cannabis light shop based on organic farming. Because not only cannabis is sold, but also seeds, natural fertilizers, soil and materials for growing the plant.

However, the laws that apply to all this are confusing and even in Italy there are uncertainties about how to proceed and what are the solutions for opening a store. Nowadays, cannabis light shops are a great business opportunity, as they offer great profitability with minimal investment. There are many cannabis light shops & franchises that want to keep expanding and thus offer the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. Thus, let’s look at the following

Cannabis light shop, how to open it

Useful tips for opening a cannabis light store

Cannabis light shop, how to start

Cannabis light stores are becoming a growing business by the day. Those who are thinking of setting up a new business and are passionate about marijuana might think that this is precisely the ideal choice. As long as the steps to be taken are clear.

As for the format of this business, the most advisable is franchising, as it offers countless advantages. Among them, it requires very little investment to open one, while the chances of success are greater. Well, the first commonplace to dispel is the different treatment in the case of opening such a store.

Despite the particularity of the product, the bureaucratic process to be followed is the same. Put another way, the person concerned has to apply for permits from the municipality, rent premises that comply with regulations, and of course purchase the products to be sold from a supplier.

The range of possibilities is in fact very wide and includes not only seeds and inflorescences of certified hemp varieties produced by reliable companies. But also natural clothing made from hemp and cannabis-based cosmetics; bongs, pipettes, vaporizers, and everything needed to smoke cannabis light; creams, oils, incense, and various cannabis light products; and gardening and cultivation equipment.

All this is done within the framework of perfect legality inside Cannabis Light shop’s, that is, in compliance with current regulations. Consequently, great care must always be taken with the type of products for sale.

Useful tips for opening a cannabis light store

When it comes to opening a cannabis light store it is essential to rent a space that complies with current regulations. The space must have a private and ventilated bathroom, a door that opens to the outside and electrical installations. For all this, the help of a manager who specializes in these issues is recommended. The location of the store is crucial since the future profitability of the business will depend on it.

It should be visible and in a busy area where there is a flow of pedestrians and vehicles. After that, it is necessary to request information from the Internal Revenue Service to select an appropriate tax classification within a category that allows the sale of seeds and gardening materials. Of course, it is necessary to register as self-employed.

Numbers are at the heart of any business so it is essential to gather information on the initial investment to be made, analyze the expected profits and losses. You don’t need opening permits, but you do need to declare a tax domicile and, when you choose the form of payment, you will need to fill out a form indicating the square meters you dedicate to your business; that is, the store.

When it comes to opening a Cannabis light shop 

You need to rent a room and set up shop according to current regulations.

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