Gardens are landscapes kept and tendered for the display of plants and other natures gifts.  Some gardens are grown for ornamental purposes while others are grown for plant cultivation such as for crop and herb. Gardens can also be grown for both ornamental and plant cultivation. There are different kinds of garden such as water gardens, Zen gardens, Korean gardens, English landscapes gardens etc. Garden can be decorated to have a formal or informal setting depending on the style you going for. Informal garden designs offer the widest range of ideas as they are not based on a particular set of designs as individuals mostly add their preferences and make unique looks. Tranquility and relaxation are part of the features mostly desired in most gardens. 

Kinds of garden designs

Repurpose gardens

These gardens are very creative gardens. Useless items or thrown out items are mostly reused and made used to make a classic aesthetic effect. For instance, a pair of old boots could be used to plant flowers and used to style a garden. Lots of other items could be used such as painted rain boots of flower plants or herbs against a wall; an old tool box with ornamental or herbal plants; a piece of old furniture for making artistic ornament designs; or a piece of toy – like a truck for growing plants. The overall results of these gardens are usually quite peculiar and unique as you get to see items deemed useless in creative use.

Vintage gardens

These gardens give off a vintage aura as the name suggests. A wooden pallet up against a wall is quite efficient for a vintage herb garden. The plants are styled in a more vertical style. Vintage silverware can also be used for the plants in this garden.

Vertical gardens

These gardens are often a choice when there is limited space and a garden is desired. An old dresser or a wall can be used for this garden. Flower pots can be arranged on the wall and a lot of DIY designs can be incorporated to give a personal flair. 

Ornamental garden items


Garden gates can be made to look really beautiful despite being for ensuring privacy and security. The gates can be in various designs and not just a regular boring design. Wooden or metallic materials can be used for the gates to explore different designs. However, wooden gates are not advised in very humid areas or areas with very frequent rainfalls as they could get destroyed. Metallic gates will be an obvious choice in these areas.


Garden arches are very pretty ornaments that change the look of a garden. They suit a lot of gardens ranging from water gardens to forest gardens.


Gardens vary in styles and can always be designed to suit your needs as there is no rigid style when decorating gardens. This is a very appealing factor as garden styles cannot be predicted; unique styles are created and displayed very often. You can create one to suit your personal tastes.

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