How a Launch Monitor Helps Your Game

If you are practicing your golf game without an instructor, then you can only tell how well each shot is based on how far the ball goes, where it lands, and how it feels. These are all important elements when self-evaluating, but they won’t help you zero in on the moment of impact. Are you smashing the golf ball? Are you achieving the right speed? How is the clubhead speed? These items your eyes can’t tell you, but a launch monitor can help. A launch monitor will clock vital information about each swing you take. It can tell you exactly what is happening at the moment of impact, and those statistics are important since the moment of impact will determine the ball flight and distance. Finding a launch monitor for sale will depend on what features you are looking for.

Valuable Information: A launch monitor can tell you the amount of energy you are bringing to the ball in your forward swing by recording the clubhead speed. The smash factor will tell you if you are making clean contact in order to have the best energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball. A launch monitor will also tell you exactly how successful you are in making the energy transfer by specifying ball speed. The information that is recorded will help you determine if there is a recurring weakness with your swing. By analyzing these weaknesses, you can tailor practice time to help improve your golf game.

Track Improvements: Learning where you need to improve is only one part of the equation. You want to be able to tell if you are actually improving. Progress may happen slowly and it can be hard to determine whether you had a solid golf shot because you got lucky or because you are improving your technique. Having stats from the launch monitor will mean you can judge the results and efforts for yourself.

Club Fittings: A launch monitor will come in handy for club fittings. Data from launch monitors has allowed a better custom fit so your clubs can accurately match your game. With details such as ball speed and launch angle, fitters can now adjust elements such as the shaft to make sure a player’s clubs will match the different characteristics of their swing.

When searching for a launch monitor for sale, there are two types of launch monitors to be aware of. One will track the ball after impact with Doppler radar technology and the other uses camera technology to record data at impact.

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