How To Get Into Fast Traffic Safely?

Ever wondered how you can get into traffic via an insertion route? In most cities, road networks have cable protectors, which might cause a slight bump on the road just before the insertion route. We will talk about how to get into traffic via such roads safely.

Definition Of Insertion Route

The insertion channel or acceleration channel is a speed change channel with the following roles:

  • Allowing an entering vehicle to reach such a speed that it can merge safely with the primary traffic.
  • Reserve the necessary distance for this maneuver.
  • Give prominent stream conductors the time and distance necessary to perform the appropriate maneuvers.

How To Get Into Fast Traffic Safely?

Many people panic at the thought of making fast lane (highway) insertions. This maneuver requires quick analysis of the situation and sound decision-making. It would be best to avoid hesitating and panicking as this can disturb other motorists and make your job even more difficult.

When approaching a road via an acceleration lane, you must give way to vehicles traveling on this road (the car coming from your left).

As soon as you are on the entry lane, look in your rear-view mirrors, inside and outside left, to estimate the distance of the vehicles circulating in the right lane of the approached road, as well as their speed.

Accelerate to reach a speed close to that of vehicles traveling on the main road (the slower you arrive, the more difficult it will be to insert yourself because the difference in speed between you and the other users will be too significant).

Get into the right lane of the approached road, entering behind rather than in front of a vehicle. Use the left exterior mirror, and check the blind spot by turning your head.

Suppose the insertion seems inappropriate or even dangerous, brake (avoid doing it suddenly if you are being followed by a vehicle) and stay on the insertion path until a more favorable situation. Likewise, if the traffic is heavy, slow down and step in as soon as the opportunity arises.

Note: A driver driving in the right lane of a multi-lane road may make it easier for you to enter by changing lanes to the lane to his left.

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