Mobile Expert – Storage Cleaner

Smartphones are definitely one of the most important devices in the modern day. Not only does it allow you to save time and effort but also allows you to perform a range of chores by the numerous applications available in the. From online shopping to getting your groceries or medicine delivered to your doorstep, your smart devices can do it all. With all of the technology available in the modern day, performing any chore at ease at the comfort of your very own fingertips can be done in just a matter of seconds!

This is why taking care of your smart devices just as much as you take care of any living thing is mandatory. Losing your smart device or it malfunctioning, will feel like you lost a part of yourself. And therefore, you must always take the best care of it. Helping you to do this, Mobile Expert – Storage Cleaner has been developed for all android users to take good care of their phone at ease and also maintain sufficient space on their mobiles while allowing it to perform as well as it should. The features on the app comes with an absolutely smart cleaner with novel technology, battery saver, a file manager to manage all of your files and storage, A booster, phone cooler, and also a cache cleaner to keep your device in good condition.

About Mobile Expert App

With the app by your side, you can now experience a smooth and fast version of your device while it does not lag or slow you down when playing games or performing any other activity.

The phone cleaner will smartly analyse and also calculate the memory that has been utilised by our applications and restore them after a deep clean on your device. This will prevent it from slowing down and perform automatically by scanning your device when it is needed.

The battery saver will prevent your battery from draining in such short time and optimise your device so that you can extend its battery life without any hassle. The 3 main modes available will allow you to choose what is necessary for your settings. The app manager will also allow you to have full control over all your apps and allow you to clear notifications, allow permissions, and perform all of these at ease.

This a junk cleaner application like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, CCleaner, AVG Cleaner, etc. Most junk cleaners like this contain similar features and functions. Some cleaners like Clean Master apk have many features bundle to one application. Others like NOX Cleaner has separate apps for major features like antivirus and etc.

The game booster will boost your device’s performance and make playing games smooth as ever. It will detect all of the apps that are responsible in slowing your device down and make your game the priority at the time.

The cache cleaner will help you get rid of all the junk on your phone and provide you with more RAM space in order to save all of the important files you need. Use the CPU cooler to prevent your device from turning into a furnace and thereby extend your battery life as well.Mobile expert app will allow you to optimise the performanceof your device in just a few clicks at ease!

Download Mobile Expert Apk

First open Google play store application and go to search. Then type “mobile expert”. You will see this application on search results. Select and install. Some Android phones and tablets does not support Google play service. You can use AC Market, Aptoide or Happymod app store. Those are best play store alternatives available for free. First download AC Market apk or Happymod apk. Then use search feature to find your favourite Android app or game.

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