The right Options for the Room in Your garden

Who says return of the beautiful days also says: aperitifs and sunbeds on the terrace, outdoor games. It is also the time to think about the layout of your garden. This year, why not install a pretty shed?. This would quickly find its use:

  • Storage of children’s games and bikes
  • Storage of gardening equipment, mower and barbecue
  • Leisure and party space for young and old

But which article to choose among the many models of wooden, metal or synthetic resin shelters?From the small storage box to the spacious chalet which dimensions to choose? When you wish to visit this site then there is certain detailed information that you will be needing. Here is a number of things that you will need to know before you actually come up with a proper decision. Also, before choosing a professional service, the options are now open and perfect for you now. So get all the information that you will get from here.

First of all, start by identifying as precisely as possible the usefulness of your shelter. Make a list of the different items to store there and then estimate the minimum length, width and height required. Then choose the location and check if you have enough space to place the shelter of your dreams.

A modern or traditional style combination garden room

The choice of combination garden rooms has grown considerably in recent years. Choose a shelter model that suits your home in terms of style, color and material.Wood, synthetic resin (PVC) or metal, what material to choose for your future garden house?You will find essentially three types of combination garden rooms:

PVC or synthetic resin shelters

PVC has proven itself in terms of resistance to UV rays and weathering. It is therefore a very suitable material for outdoor shelters. In addition, synthetic resin garden chalets require no maintenance, are easy to assemble and are generally less expensive than those made of metal or wood.

Untreated, painted or varnished wooden chalets

Do you want charm and authenticity? Choose a wooden chalet without hesitation. This noble and rustic material brings a nice touch of decoration in your garden. But some wooden shelters can display a modern look. For ecological reasons, favor an article made of European wood spruce, northern pine, etc. and labeled FSC or PEFC. Please note: outdoors, wood requires regular maintenance with paint or varnish.

Shed and shed in metal or galvanized steel

Particularly robust, the galvanized steel combination garden rooms are even more resistant than the wooden or resin chalets. Their undeniable quality? They should not be maintained. They can, however, be personalized with suitable paints.

As the summer approaches, combination garden rooms seem to be the best compromise for your outdoor development projects. This long-term investment, both aesthetic and practical, can adapt to all budgets, desires but also the use that one wishes to make of it. Truffaut guides you in buying the ideal shelter to beautify your outdoor space while being adapted to your needs.

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