Top Uses Of Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp is an ancient plant, and perhaps one of the first plants worked by mankind. The main advantage of this plant is the versatility it provides to growers. And while it belongs to the same cannabis Sativa family, it is two different plants.

But we are going step by step in explaining what industrial hemp is, its main characteristics, and the most relevant uses that can be made with this incredible plant, as you might know that vaping is the most effective way to consume CBD oil.

What Is Industrial Hemp?

Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis Sativa family, primarily intended for apparel fabrics given the resistance of the plant fiber.

In this sense, unlike what happens with marijuana crops where mainly females are planted that produce buds and flowers, the opposite occurs with industrial hemp. The aim is to sow male plants that do not produce fruits to a greater extent since their commercial purpose is different and is focused on taking advantage of the plant’s bark.

Indeed, as with all species in nature, industrial hemp also has female plants. That they can produce “buds” of “marijuana”. But the THC concentrations in this plant are really low, so the effect of the patent high of cannabis strains will not exist. For this reason, female plants are mainly intended for the reproduction of the plant itself.

Another difference between industrial hemp and cannabis is its seeds. The former, also known as hemp seeds, is a food rich in proteins and fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6. Thus, the edible oils from industrial hemp seeds are a delicacy in many parts of the world.

What Are The Uses Of Industrial Hemp?

The fiber from industrial hemp is incredibly versatile. It has been used for more than 8,000 years on the planet, and even today, it is presented as the most resistant vegetable textile fiber in nature. This, of course, makes its use very varied. Let’s see below which are the most relevant:

Creating Clothes

That’s right, and we may have our clothing made from a plant that is a close relative of marijuana. Although at present, its use is more associated with crafts and “hippie” garments. The use of this incredible fiber for pieces made with more avant-garde features should not be ruled out.


Before the emergence of paper from wood, hemp was the primary source of this element throughout the world. A curious fact of history is that the signing of the United States’ Independence was made on a sheet of industrial hemp paper.

Right now, the wood monopoly has taken over the paper sphere. But in pound for pound, industrial hemp paper presents better technical conditions than that from traditional wood.

Industrial Hemp: A Food Rich In Protein

We already showed some of this in the previous section. But we repeat it: industrial hemp seeds are an incredible supplement and additive in many delicacies worldwide. These seeds have high levels of calcium, iron, and essential fatty acids.

Hemp oil and milk can also be made from these seeds as an alternative to other foods available on the market. You think you only consume CBD via high-quality hemp vaporizer? Think again.

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