What Makes You Fall in Love with the French Bulldogs

Do you think a Frenchie bulldog looks very cute or just a little silly? A French bulldog has much more to offer than just his looks, so feel free to look further than your nose by the way, speaking of noses. The French bulldog has a love-hate relationship with his because that cute, short snoring nose is associated with many serious health problems. Do you want to bring this variety into your home? Then look for a serious breeder who only breeds dogs with a longer muzzle!

Origin: where does the French bulldog come from?

In the nineteenth century, only one size bulldog was bred in England. Smaller copies were not liked. In France they thought differently. There they bred this small, playful and enthusiastic breed. The French bulldog is descended from its English counterpart, by crossbreeding with French terriers and perhaps with pugs. Around 1860, merchants at Les Halles and La Vilette in Paris developed this excellent rat hunter. Afterwards, the French bulldog became a kind of fashion accessory and a popular companion dog for Parisian coachmen. This breed has had many famous owners in the past, such as French author Colette and King Edward VII of England. Evidence of its popularity is provided by paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec and Degas. Although originally bred as a rat catcher, French bulldogs like other variants have lost their innate aggression. Now they are playful and affectionate pets.

Over time, breeders selected increasingly shorter noses. This is associated with serious health problems. Fortunately, nowadays there are more and more serious breeders who sound the alarm and change their breeding policy. By putting health first, the noses gradually lengthen, the Frenchie dog gets less wrinkles on the face and the eyes no longer protrude. Unfortunately, there are still breeders who still work the old way. More and more countries are adapting their laws to prohibit the breeding of animals with too short a muzzle.

Size and weight: how big and how heavy does the French bulldog get?

About the size of the French bulldog

  • The French bulldog has a height at the withers that varies between 25 and 35 centimeters.
  • About the weight of the French bulldog
  • On average, a French bulldog weighs between 8 and 14 kilograms.

What does a French bulldog look like? Physical characteristics and appearance

The French bulldog is physically similar to the English bulldog, small specimens of which contributed to the origin of the breed. The body is compact, with a lot of ‘bone’. The French bulldog has upright, rounded ears, which are also known as ‘ bat ears ‘. The head is round and very typical with its short snout combined with a broad, powerful skull. The back is short and the tail is shaped like a corkscrew: naturally short and stiffly curled. That is why the tail of the French bulldog is sometimes called a screw tail. Often his tail is wrongly thought to be docked.

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