All you need to know about the Cleopatra Casino Slots

If you are looking for a casino slot that comes with big offers, you should play the Cleopatra Casino Slots. The great news is that you can take advantage of its numerous offers to play the lendendary IGT slot. Why is the game so popular? Many people refer to the game as being the queen of Egyptians slots. The game is easy to play, and that is the reason why it is popular among the many casino gamblers.

Developed by the IGT, Cleopatra pg slot features 20 lines. It also comes with a 5 times 3 game layouts. The latter is a prevalent layout even in other casino games. Winning in the game is simple. To do so, you will need to match three or more symbols. This would be done in a winning payline. The video slot game has a coin range of 0.01 to 5.00. The maximum win for any player is 10000. The latter win would not favor high roller players. Nonetheless, it would be perfect for newbie’s players. Players will get a maximum of 15 free spins that will come with 3 times Multiplier. Aside from its simplicity, the game is popular because of its huge prize potential.

What are the prominent types of Cleopatra Slot Games?

Since the game was released, it managed to amass a great following among the slotxoonline casino slot players.  You will find different varieties of this game to play such s the Cleopatra Mega jackpots. The game mega jackpot is popular to other jackpots developed by IGT. If you will be able to land more than five of these symbols, you stand a better chance to win the progressive jackpot. Cleopatra 2 slots are the second type of online casino slot game. It is a graphical upgrade of their jackpot game. It comes with an entirely new bonus feature. While playing the game, the maximum number of free spins you can win is 20.  The third form of online casino slot is the Cleopatra Gold slots. The game comes with all the elements that made the original game to be popular. However, it has some additions of some wild symbols.  You will get a new expanding wild, transforming wilds symbols, and more.

Welcome bonuses and offers with Cleopatra slot game.

You will get many welcome bonuses and offers with the game. The first one is the no deposit free spins. Once you sign up and get accepted, you get a particular number of free. Spins. The second type of free spin is the welcome offer free spins. The welcome offer will provide you with tons of bonuses and other free spins. Lastly, you will get the Zero wagering free spins. Not so many online casino sites will provide this offer. Even so, you will get free spins. They will provide you with an opportunity to win more money.

In conclusion the Cleopatra is one of the popular mafia88online casino game to play. The game comes with tons of bonuses and offers as addressed in this article.

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