Telugu OTT platform that are booming now a days

The entertainment industry experienced huge losses approximately Rs. 5,000 crore India wide due to Covid 19 crisis, as the high budget movies stuck on the sets due to this. On the other hand, the crisis created huge opportunities for low budget movies for exclusive releases through famous OTT (Over The Top) platforms. 

In this sense, many low budget movies queued to famous OTT platforms and gained very good returns, without any risk. Also OTT platforms got fame with the exclusive releases of movies.

Over the last few decades, we have seen instances where small producers have committed suicide due to debts due to non-release of some films which are not properly allocated cinema halls for budget films in Telugu. However, due to the latest OTT platforms, there are good opportunities for low budget movies. 

OTT platforms offer fantastic opportunities for budget makers in Telugu. If the story is good, even if it is a budget movie, OTT platforms are buying at a good rate. As a result, there seems to be a good demand for budget producers and actors. As well as helping OTT platforms to enhance the prestige of their companies by releasing movies exclusively through their platform. 

There is currently only one OTT platform in Telugu. That is aha videos. Even though famous OTTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix are releasing Telugu movies, only Aaha videos, which have come forward to offer Telugu movies, are likely to make a big splash in Telugu. 

Accordingly,The aha videos released Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna, Krishna and His Leela, etc from their platform exclusively. Also, the platform came up with OreyBujjiga movie with the successful pair Raj Tarun and Hebba Patel and also it’s awaiting exclusive release of ‘Color Photo’ movie with Sunil in the lead role. Despite the popular OTT platforms in Telugu such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, Aha Videos is poised to reach out to a large number of Telugu audiences around the world as the best Telugu video streaming platform, gain a large number of Telugu premium audiences, increase its ratings and fully embrace Telugu movies. Aha videos moving forward with determination. 

Aha Videos is also implementing another new move to become the king of Telugu OTTs. That means abruptly lowering premium rates. To withstand competition from OTT platforms like Amazon and Netflix. It seems like Reliance Jio, which provides quality services at very affordable prices. The annual premium rates have been slashed to just Rs. 365/-. With this, a large number of Telugu viewers are becoming premium users of this OTT platform.

Also, the OTT platform was founded by renowned mastermind producer Allu Arvind. We know very well how important his role is in the Telugu film industry. Arvind is very close with the film industry producers and directors. He may be considered as a mini film industry. If such a movie business magnet is running this platform, you can imagine how many sensational movies that will be made in Telugu will be released through its platform. So to say that it is an excellent OTT platform in Telugu is only aha videos.

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