4 Benefits of Using an MBA Coach

Getting ready to apply for an MBA program can be intimidating, even for well-prepared applicants with strong backgrounds. Many candidates apply to several schools, hoping to get into their dream college. Each school as its own interviewing method and looks for different qualities in applicants. With these issues in mind, even highly motivated candidates often need an MBA coach to help them navigate the steps required to get into their desired programs.

Personal Coaches Have Been There

Top-notch MBA coaches have the background and education to back up their advice. The best are graduates from schools like Wharton and MIT. They often have experience as admissions counselors and know exactly what various universities are looking for. Coaches have the experience to guide clients applying to world-class schools like Harvard, Dartmouth, Berkeley Hass, Stanford GSB, and London Business School. Clients working with exceptional coaching services have a high rate of acceptance at their desired schools.

Coaches Help Candidates Plan

Coaches help clients clarify their education and career goals. Personal coaches assist applicants in making changes that serve their purposes. These professionals also delve deeply into each candidate’s background. They help each one polish their profiles by strengthening areas like extracurricular and work experience. Coaches ensure clients have a plan for the period between the time they begin coaching and apply. Experts also offer job advice and assist candidates in dealing with changes like promotions.

A Coach Helps Clients Strengthen Weak Areas

While it’s true that most business schools are transparent about admissions requirements, that information does not always provide critical facts that determine why one well-qualified candidate is accepted and another denied. That is where MBA coaches come in. Many have worked for clients’ preferred schools and can provide effective interview prep that gives applicants an edge.

Coaches offer school-specific guides that include the questions institutions ask and the kind of answers they look for. Clients learn the best way to deliver answers. That can be especially critical for colleges like Wharton, which conduct group interviews. Personal coaches who have worked as Wharton interviewers help ensure candidates demonstrate the qualities that admissions professionals seek.

Personal Coaching Includes Waitlist Guidance

The ideal outcome for every MBA program candidate is acceptance; however, many are waitlisted instead. Although they may eventually be accepted, the time between being waitlisted and acceptance can seem grueling. A coach can turn that timeframe into an opportunity for applicants to improve their chances.

Personal coaches’ help clients evaluate and improve their applications. They can edit waitlist update letters and offer specific recommendations that could help improve the odds of acceptance. Coaches also advise clients what to do and, equally important, what not to do during this time.

High-caliber MBA programs are fiercely competitive so many applicants hire personal coaches to help improve their chances. A first-rate coach has experience with the MBA admissions process and is familiar with the best schools. As a result, they can help clients improve weak areas, make strategic plans, and ensure they have the best chance of acceptance if they are waitlisted.

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