Accident with a 18-wheeler in Texas: Steps to follow!

Accidents involving commercial trucks and 18-wheelers happen on Texas highways and roads every day. Due to the very size of these large vehicles, even a small accident can have devastating impact on the occupants of small cars. If you ever get injured in such an accident, you need to know the steps that must be followed, which also includes hiring a Houston truck accident attorney. In this post, we are sharing all the details about steps to follow after an accident involving 18-wheelers. 

Call emergency services

The first step is to call 911 to report the incident, even if your injuries are not severe, or you assume that the impact isn’t huge. You have to call the emergency services and get medical attention. At times, certain injuries may not be immediately apparent, so make sure that you have checked with a doctor. Medical teams and law enforcement agencies will arrive at the earliest to the accident scene. 

Take details

Once you have called 911, the next step is to record information of the accident, if you are in a physical state to do so. The initial records and information can be really handy in sorting your personal injury lawsuit, if you file one, and will help in recovering the compensation you deserve for your loss and suffering. Keep in mind that these details are easily available after the accident. For instance – you can talk to drivers of other parties involved, or can choose to get details of witnesses. 

Call an attorney

Hiring a lawyer for your insurance claim is not important, but is a highly recommended step, especially under certain circumstances. Call a lawyer, if – 

  1. Your injuries are severe
  2. You are unsure of fault
  3. You have part fault in the accident

Your lawyer is your biggest asset in maximizing your settlement. A skilled lawyer, who specializes in handling car accident claims, can guide you further on your rights and they can ensure that you get the assistance that you deserve. In case of truck accidents, there is usually a lot of confusion, primarily because it is not clear as who is to be blamed. Should you file a lawsuit against the driver? Or was the trucking company at fault for not maintaining the truck? Or were there are other parties involved? Your lawyer will help in establishing liability, and as needed, they will negotiate with insurance companies and at-fault parties. 

Shortlist a few known attorneys in Houston at the earliest after your accident. 

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