Cultural Attractions to Visit While in Tagaytay

If you need a getaway during your weekend, then you need to visit Tagaytay for its cultural attractions. If you are coming from Manila, the distance from Manila to Tagaytay is only 60km. The city is underrated and has its natural beauty. The area can be a one-day visit so you can get a flight out when the weekend ends.

Tagaytay has one of the best amusement parks and natural beauties as well. You can even overlook a live volcano while dining in their restaurants, and they are stunning views you will not forget. Also, check out some Tagaytay hotels where you can enjoy such views. In this article, we introduce the best cultural attractions you must visit in Tagaytay.

  1. Taal Lake and Taal Volcano

Taal is the place you must visit and experience its surroundings, which include its lake and live volcano. The volcano is located around the island in Luzon. The volcano is still active till now and has erupted 33 times since history. The explosions are all concentrated around Luzon island.

Taal also has other activities such as boat riding in the Talisay area and will take almost an hour from the city to get there. The island allows some horse riding as well in 40-minute sessions, and it will be best if you start early in the day to have time for other activities.

  1. Sierra De Maria/ Our Lady of Manaoag

The place is very well-known in Tagaytay amongst locals and tourists alike. The site is known to have a Statue of Manaoag Lady, which was constructed around the 17th century. The figure was initially from Spain but was then transported to the Philippines around the 17th century late by a visiting prince. The length of the picture is about 50 feet and has a church beside it. The area is also near a flea market where you can go shopping after a visit.

  1. Picnic Groove

The place is mostly believed to offer all it has for natural sightseeing since it has got several tables and huts. The area has some zipline, riding on horseback, cable cars, among others. All the nature couples and lovers are also catered since the place is so nourishing with plenty of breathtaking adventures.

  1. Cultural Show and dining at the Cafe Veranda

This is a restaurant which is located at the Vista Hotel Taal. There are cultural shows at the restaurant itself twice a day with dancers in their traditional attire.

The area has amazing architectures and its restaurants give sweet delicious traditional meals. They also provide the best dinner and lunch for buffets, hence why you need to visit this place when visiting Tagaytay. The site offers a treat of Filipino four-course meals that you won’t make your mouth away from.

  1. Sky Ranch

The ranch is a farm and an amusement park in one, and the park side has all forms of rides you can think of, and for people of all ages regardless of their age differences. The farm side can take around five hours to cover, so you should cover all the available attractions and rides first. They also have sweet and delicious meals, which you are free to enjoy while sitting inside a mini family hut. Next, you will find most tourists beginning their trip in the evening, since the place is more beautiful during nighttime with the blinking lightings. The ranch also has a separate area just for toddlers and kids to have fun in.

  1. Taal Vista Hotel Deck View

The place contains many scenic views, with sweet fresh air. Visitors can spend their time there to enjoy all views of lakes and volcanoes as they relax. The site has the best picnics and picturesque views for you to snap and bring memories back. There is also a picnic viewing deck that anyone will love to experience. Also, the sunset is amazing here and perfect for watching with your loved ones.


When visiting Tagaytay, these are the essential places you should never miss visiting. The cultural attractions will leave you fulfilled and is friendly on your budget.

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