Everything You Need To Know About Self Potraits And Clicking A Good One

Selfies have been present for a long time but that was not true quite a while ago. Around the fifteenth century self-portraits were a rare occurrence. It was genre that still didn’t have enough specifications to be regarded seriously. With the ear of smartphones, over ninety million people are constantly clicking snaps of themselves. hence, it is easy to forget that self-portraits are a very artistic element.

Reasons why self-portraits are a functional part of the art of photography

  1. Self-portraits induce learning and promotes experimentation: they are a more secure platform to play with a several photographing techniques.
  2. Self-portraits can empower imagination: it is easy to induce imagination into a self portrait if the mind is creative enough. It allows the photographer to build their own fanatical world that will be otherwise disregarded.
  3. They reshape the sense of being they are transformative in more than one way. They help the viewer to come in terms with their self and accept who they are. They are an incredible way to achieving self-acceptance.
  4. They remind the viewer of their roots: self-portraits target the inner subconscious of the persons mind. They can become deeply attached to an image if it done right and emanates positive triggers.
  5. Connecting with others: self-portraits can become a primary or common subject for artistic photographers. As they help tell a story they a person can have difficulty putting into words.

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