Family Things To Do In Houston

Houston is a city that has a host of different attractions. Natives who call Houston home are proud of all the many things their city offers. Below are a few fun family activities to do:

Art Car Museum

Anyone who is a fan of cars and art will be impressed with what they can find inside of the Art Car Museum. Here you will find many unique cars displayed in an artistic fashion. Kids and adults will enjoy the various events and exhibitions that are part of this popular museum.

Flea Market

Houston is also well known for having a variety of different avenues to allow people to collect antiques. The Houston flea market stands out as a tourist attraction for a lot of those that are interested in these unique findings. Visitors enjoy seeking out the many flea markets in Houston as there are a lot of possibilities to find second-hand goods.

The Houston Zoo

People that are fond of checking out well-looked after animals inside a controlled environment will appreciate what Houston Zoo has to offer. This is another big attraction for those that are interested in some of the more popular Houston tourist attractions. This is particularly worthwhile if you have children. The Houston Zoo is exactly what people need if they are interested in a family-friendly form of entertainment.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science

People who are fans of nature and science are going to appreciate what the Houston Museum of Natural Science provides for visitors. This is an impressive museum that has been cited as one of the Top Ten Most Visited Museums in the United States. There is also an IMAX Theatre and a number of exhibits like the model of the full moon. The dinosaur exhibits are particularly well-liked.

The Houston Galleria

This is a huge mall with plenty of stores so shoppers have an array of opportunities to find things that may not be readily available in their own city. The Houston Galleria is an upscale mixed- use urban development shopping mall located in the Uptown District of Houston .

The Downtown Aquarium

Another impressive attraction for families is the Downtown Aquarium of Houston. This stands out as a huge area that is more than 200,000 sq. ft of activities. There is also a dining area and a number of different exhibits like the Texas Bayou and the Sunken Temple. There are games and rides like the Driving Bell Ferris Wheel and the Lighthouse Dive.

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