How To Skip The Lock Screen If You Have Forgotten Your Android Password

On some occasions, people forget the password or the pin to unlock HTC phones they own. This is a lot trickier than you might initially think, especially if the version of the Android operating system being used is Lollipop or higher. Well, there are some possibilities to solve this problem without losing the information already inside.

To get control of your terminal back, what you have to do is skip the lock screen that asks for confirmation of the word or protection number. That is a bypass for the security that has been established. And, this is possible using options from the operating system itself or third-party tools.

How To Skip The Lock Screen

Samsung Lock Screen

Google’s operating system includes an option that can be very useful in this case: Smart Lock. This service automatically unlock Samsung Galaxy if it is associated with the use of a connected device (such as a smartwatch with Android Wear or a Bluetooth speaker).

Also, you can set yourself as bypasses when you reach a specific location, such as the user’s home. Using the option included in Android allows access to the device and, by extension, changing the password, PIN or Pattern.

More Radical Measure

If the data you have on the phone is not very important since, for example, these are stored on the microSD card, the option that can be used is Device Manager, created by Google itself. The corresponding option is activated in the Settings, the monitoring application is downloaded, and its operation is complete.

Google Android Device Manager

In case of not remembering the security data to unlock the device, it is possible to restart the phone or tablet completely as if it were taken out of the box the first time. The data is erased, as it is logical to think, but you are in full control again. Therefore, it is possible to set a new password or PIN for the lock screen.

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