Interior design: Expert suggestions when starting an architectural project

The interior design project can completely transform environments. It’s amazing how a simple layout change with the help of interior design software can impact so much. Whether in residential, commercial or industrial buildings, interior design aims to unite beauty and functionality. Many ideas that we see on the internet and on decoration websites delight our eyes, but what will be the best option for you and for your space? Don’t miss our tips for starting an interior architecture project.

Define your needs

Before looking for a professional, it is important to outline what your goals are, whether to make the space prettier or change the layout to improve functionality. Explaining your wishes and desires will facilitate the elaboration of the project. For your desire and plan to be effective, you can use Foyr Neo 3D interior design rendering software. With it you can measure your plans, see the future house in 3D view, save unnecessary money, design the interior according to your dream, and much more.

Make a financial plan

Financial planning is essential to delimit what can be done. Do the math and consult with the hired architect or designer, as the budget will directly impact – type of coating used in the project, number and type of lighting points, chosen adornments, loose furniture used in the project, planned furniture, plaster details, paint pattern, tapestry and curtains, dimension of the intervention, etc. It is possible to redesign an environment without spending too much. Be clear on your budget to avoid surprises during construction.

Interior designer and architect

Many believe that the work of a designer is exclusively to decorate the environments. This view is not wrong, but the area of ​​expertise is not that restricted. The designer can carry out plans for interventions and alterations, cuts, details, elevations, specification of materials, schedules, budgets and construction management. The designer has autonomy to detail furniture pieces, lighting points, specification of coating and painting materials.

The architect can also perform all of the activities listed above, besides, can also design changes that interfere with the building, such as removing walls and partitions. Remember that when considering structural changes, an engineer should be consulted. The architect will have autonomy to replace and adapt systems that will impact the interior design.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

Many people think that they will do everything themselves. But the truth is that having the assistance of a professional makes all the difference. The professional will detail the concepts used in the project. Designing every detail will reflect savings in execution. The project will be designed and customized according to your needs. The architect will plan the execution, respecting the service sequences. Reducing expenses, avoiding rework and having an incredible result are just some of the benefits of hiring an architect for your interior design project.

Track the execution

We know that sometimes it is not that easy to visualize and understand the information presented in 3D models and floor plans. So, it is common for questions to appear and even desire for changes during execution. Be present at the work and personally check the project details. The tip is to evaluate the project.

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