Is a Holistic Medicine Degree the Right Choice for You?  

There are many people who have the right stuff to pursue careers in fields like holistic medicine. You might be one of them. But, before you dive in and decide to give it a go, it’s a good idea to be sure this is the route you want to take. So, how can you tell if a holistic medicine degree is the right one for you?

Do You Believe in Non-Pharmaceutical Medicine?

If you don’t believe in it, this might not be the right career path for you. While it is acceptable to believe that some medications can provide healing, it is also essential to believe that Mother Nature also provides abundant options for healing as well. In fact, some might argue that a holistic medicine degree is all about promoting healing through nature rather than with pharmaceutical approaches that are expensive and often do more damage to the body than good.

Are You Committed to Helping Others?

This is not the path to take if you want to get rich with medicine. Practitioners of holistic medicine are not in deep with drug makers and do not have the wide pockets of insurance company supporting your healing efforts. It doesn’t mean you’ll be destined for a life of poverty. That is hardly the case. It does mean that holistic medicine is not a get rich quick venture. Your rewards come in the form of helping people find healing and abundant health.

Do You Believe Healing is a Whole Body Process?

Some people believe that healing is localized. Meaning that physicians and practitioners need only address the specific pain point, injury, or illness. Holistic medicine practitioners understand that good health requires the whole body: mind, body, and soul to operate efficiently in order for good health to reign supreme.

Do You Believe in the Power of Healing Foods?

Much of the premise behind holistic medicine lies in the foods you eat. Most accredited schools of holistic medicine teach students and practitioners to follow plant based diets as a path to health and wholeness. This means eating leafy green vegetables and a wide variety of fruits in pursuit of optimal health.

In fact, many people who follow this medicinal path believes the leaves of plants are the medicines that feed the body and the spirit so true healing, whole body healing, can begin.

If these things all apply to you, chances are good that a holistic medicine degree will serve you well. Begin your education today and start a path of better health and overall enlightenment for yourself and those you treat along the way.


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