Shoulder holster Buying Guide:

A holster is a gear intended to keep or restrict the unrequired movement of a handgun, typically in a spot where the gun can be rapidly withdrawn for instant use. Holsters are often fastened to a belt or waistband, but they may be linked to other areas of the body. The key objective of the holsters is to protect the handgun, have easy access, and secure its retention. Choosing the right holster for the defensive weapon is crucial because if there is a slight breach in quality, comfort, adjustability, etc., that could result in severe injury or death to the user.

Things to consider before buying a Shoulder holster:

  1. Comfort
  2. Quality
  3. Hold
  4. Ease of access
  5. Concealment


The chances of customers buying a product will escalate if they believe it is comfortable. Little prior research helps you understand the level of comfort you’re looking for when it comes to shoulder holsters. You can test them either by talking to the salesperson, reading specifications, and it’s always better to try it on. If your holster is uncomfortable, it is pointless to wear because you will not stand for an extended period if something is bothering you. For example, if it rubs against you every time you wear it, you’ll constantly struggle to fix it, which could lead to you not wearing it or wearing it wrong, compromising its security.


If you’re spending your money on the Shoulder holster, make sure to put on a quality one because it’ll save you from spending a shitload of money on a cheap one over the years. A poorly made holster can slip or stick while you are in the middle of pulling your weapon, which can lead to unforeseen circumstances.


A holster that doesn’t grip your gun correctly isn’t worth wearing. Even if you’re wearing it, that might not provide enough grip to hold your handgun for long. In that case, you won’t appreciate it much if you find yourself with a gun flying around because you stumbled or got in an accident. Also, make sure your shoulder holster gets a proper firing grip on the gun while it’s in the holster.

Ease of access :

One of the significant features to consider when you possess a firearm is its ease of access. Choose a Shoulder holster that allows you to maneuver your gun in various positions. The reason for this is that you must occasionally modify your running, walking, and sitting. These are minor but critical considerations to consider while selecting a holster.


Proper concealment will help you avoid tricky encounters when your weapon is accidentally exposed and someone calls the cops on you. A well-designed and worn holster can make a gun almost invisible. Almost all concealed holsters are intended to be worn in conjunction with a concealing garment part of the wearer’s everyday wardrobe.


A shoulder holster crafted by Kirkpatrick leather is all you want if you’re going to buy one. Their products are handmade by master leatherworkers who got years of experience to make a perfect one for you and your gun.

The material used is the finest American leather, enhancing the product’s overall experience and reliability. Each holster is custom-made precisely to perfection.

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