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Are you used to read shampoo labels about “dry hair” or “oily hair”? You may be surprised, but the hair itself cannot be oily. Hair does not have sebaceous glands. Barbers in Brooklyn Barbershop know Oily skin gives it.

How to distinguish? If you washed your hair in the morning, and by evening your hair already requires washing – the scalp is oily. If there is no need to wash your hair for several days, then the scalp is dry. If you can easily wash your hair every other day, then your scalp is normal.

Avoid alcohol products. Gels usually do this. Alcohol is used by the manufacturer for quickly drying. Hair will begin to split and break. To avoid this, use a product with a minimal amount of alcohol, or without it at all – clays, pastes usually do not contain it.

If you have oily scalp, avoid funds with oily components -for example, wax. Pay attention to clays or pastes, they include components that reduce the grease content of the scalp.

Hair itself can be thin, thick, curly thin or curly thick. For different hair – different means.

Do not be afraid to combine the means with each other: they can play a different role in styling and complementing, you will get the right shape and the right degree of fixation.

You can add volume to thin naughty hair with a paste and lightly fix it with clay if you need a matte effect, or with a strong fixation gel if you want to add shine.

For long hair: fasten the hair along the entire length with gel and highlight individual strands with wax or clay. Emphasize the hair ends with them.

Life hack for rainy weather: if the hair is fluffy, lightly brush your hair with your palms and a paste or water-resistant wax.

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