Working with a Car Accident Attorney? Know Why You Should Always Tell them the Truth

If you are working with an idaho car accident attorney, you may hesitate to share some information with them. Particularly, you may not want them to know about your medical and financial histories because you feel embarrassed or think that you don’t have a case. Although it can be uncomfortable to share personal information, this is important if you want your lawyer to build a strong case for you. A great attorney is prepared to talk about these concerns with you in a confidential consultation that is free of charge. 

Understanding Attorney-Client Privilege

This legal privilege keeps communication between you and your lawyer private. The attorney-client privilege applies every time you discuss your accident case with your lawyer unless you prefer to waive it in a written document. 

Apart from keeping communications with you private, your car accident lawyer must keep not keep your case confidential. Thus, they should discuss your case with anyone. 

Important Information You Should Disclose to Your Attorney

If you file a car accident claim, you must give extensive information to your injury lawyer to effectively build your case and prepare for possible arguments that the at-fault drivers’ insurance company may make. The attorney-client privilege protects the information you share. This information includes the following:

  • Financial situation. By letting your attorney aware of your financial situation, they can give you better advice. For instance, if face financial events such as divorce or bankruptcy, your attorney can structure settlements in a way that protects them from your creditors or garnishment.   
  • Your medical history. Your lawyer must know about your medical history including any previous injury and pre-existing condition. Knowing this information will help them build a winnable case and negotiate a favorable settlement. Compensation may still be available to you despite having a pre-existing condition. Your attorney must be aware of your medical history, so they can prepare to counter arguments regarding your injuries when the insurance company will link them to your pre-existing condition.
  • Possible contribution to the accident. The comparative negligence law of Idaho accounts for the involvement of several parties in your accident. Under this law, you can still receive compensation even if you are partly to blame for the crash. So, if you believe you are partially to blame for the car accident, you should tell your lawyer. Your attorney can make sure you avoid being assigned more fault than what you deserve.  

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