H-1B Visa: A Great Guide American Employers and Candidates Should Use

Companies in the United States that don’t find individuals who have the specific skills and knowledge they need for certain positions will look beyond the U. S. borders. They hire foreign workers by applying for an H-1B sponsorship. However, there is a statutory limit for new H-1B visas and additional visas for foreign graduates of Masters and Doctorate programs from U. S. universities. Once the limit has been met for the current year, applications must start looking more aggressively at the next year. 

Understanding H-1B Sponsorship

The H-1B visa is a temporary, nonimmigrant visa classification. Its duration starts at three years with an opportunity to extend for up to six years. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS say that H-1B visas are available to some individuals with specialized knowledge or theoretical and practical capability in areas in which companies in the U. S. have a need. These include areas in science, engineering, education, and information technology. Applications should have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Companies can hire a Dallas Business Immigration Attorney to handle the paperwork and ensure accuracy in the documents they submit, increasing their chances of a successful sponsorship. 

The Responsibility of Employers as Sponsors

Employers who clearly need to fill a specific position should comply with certain requirements. Management should make sure that hiring a foreign worker won’t adversely affect the wages or working conditions of their existing U. S. employees. Also, they should inform their current workforce ahead of time about their intention o hire an H-1B worker. 

Finding H-1B Sponsorship

Every candidate employer is required to designate the individual whom they will hire. Thus, companies that have a recognized need will start seeking out people who can best fulfill their requirements for the visa. Prospective workers should find companies where they may be a viable candidate through the H-1B sponsors database, internships, major IT consulting companies, U. S. universities, and global system integrators. 

How the Petition Works

A lot of people prefer to work with an immigration attorney to start the H-1B visa filing process. Employers should sponsor the majority of H-1B workers, which means a possible employee cannot sponsor themselves. Employees should have an employer that’s willing to petition the United States government on their behalf to bring them to the country to work. The employer will pay for the visa fees of the applicant and submit the required documents for them. 

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