Work with an Experienced Lawyer If Your Guardian Disability Claim is Denied

After you have dedicated your work-life to your career, you expect to be treated fairly in a time of need. Disability insurance is the compensation you have earned through years of hard work. As a disability insurance policyholder, you expect your disability insurance to help you provide for your family when you couldn’t work anymore. However, a lot of people with a disability find their disability claims denied by insurance companies like Guardian Life Insurance.

Benefits of Disability Claims

Disability insurance offers benefits to people who cannot work because of an illness, a disability, or other conditions. It offers payments to supplement the loss of regular work income for the covered period. Disability benefits may let policyholders take care of themselves and their families when they can’t earn an income from their occupation. Without these benefits, a person may have to depend on government benefits like social security. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to get bay on social security alone. In the case of Guardian disability insurance, high-paying professions such as doctors and lawyers pay a hefty sum for their premiums and it is quite unfair to get nothing from their policy in the time of need. Luckily, insured individuals can depend on a Guardian Life disability claim attorney to appeal the denial. 

Reasons Disability Claims can be Denied

There are a lot of reasons an insurance company may deny a disability claim. The company may deny if the claimant is not covered by the insurance plan, when the disability’s cause was not included in the coverage, and when the injury or illness is not limiting enough to be considered disabling.

But, sometimes, insurance companies may also deny claims because of incorrect information, administrative errors, or improper application assessment. Some insurance companies may try to catch a person in a situation that may contradict their claim. Usually, they will use private investigators or even social media posts to deny claims.

Appealing a Disability Denial

Holders of disability policies can appeal a denial of their claim by contacting an experienced attorney. The lawyer will represent them and identify any possible issues with the application. They will fight to ensure the client gets the benefits they have earned. 

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